Aaron Gilmore is a digital designer and front-end developer.

I’ve been working professionally for over 3 years in various roles; interface design for both the web and native mobile, front-end web development, prototyping, and project management.

The Internet has changed how we do everything—I care about making it accessible, intuitive, and efficient for everyone.

Outside of work I like to travel, read, run, and brew coffee. You can find out more about me and my work in my résumé.

professional work

Sports Fusion


Sports Fusion develops software solutions for sports companies, with their core products consisting of Soccer Schools, Stadium Tours, and Supporters Club services. The company boasts a prestigious client list including: Liverpool, West Ham United, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur football clubs; Wimbledon; Lord's Cricket Club; and many more.

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Bolder is a online publication with a mission to champion people casting aside age stereotypes and doing inspirational and interesting things as they grow older.

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Brewbot is a beer brewing device that uses sensor technology and automation to assist in the brewing process. The product is controlled and monitored using a smartphone app.

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Maker is an independently published magazine about people that are using technology and the web to help others. Coming soon.

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Student’s Guide to the Internet

A collection of design resources for students; books, articles, people, and events relating to technology & design.

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Real Food NI

A curated list of the best (my favourite) food and drink establishments in Northern Ireland.

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A simple weight and BMI tracking app for iOS. My final year university dissertation.

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recent writing

The Purpose of this Website

12 Jan 2017

This, I believe, is the ninth iteration of my website since I began working on the web back in 2012. Up until now, it has served as a static representation of me and my work, not really changing after each iteration. I think it’s the nature of the Internet today. We share our thoughts and work on platforms with more reach and our personal websites have been somewhat forgotten. The problem is, these platforms change and they die without us being able to influence, but we can always hold onto our little corner of the web.

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A monthly publication on my blog listing interesting articles, research papers, and books that I read throughout the month with such topics as artificial intelligence, computing, design, and science. Sign up for notifications.