I like to be involved in both the design and development aspect of a project so I can fully inderstand what is required.

Design starts with words, so cleary defining goals and thinking about solutions through documentation is the first step of my process. This is followed by roughly sketching out wireframes and app flows on paper. Working remotely, I like to use tools like Slack, Invision, and Trello to manage communication and tasks.

When working on UI, my preferred application is Sketch, but I have used the Adobe suite extensively in the past. When required, I like to prototype interactions in Framer.

I use CSS pre-processing (Sass), a build system to automate tasks, and Git to track changes when developing. I'll constantly run various browser and speed tests to ensure the website has optimal usability.



I charge £300 per day for short-term projects. My rate is reduced for larger projects. I am always open to discussion based on project budgets.


No availabilty until 2018.

Get in touch

Interested in working on a project together or have another enquiry? You can reach me via email: [email protected].