Brewbot —

2012–2014 Product design, development, prototyping, testing.

Brewbot is a beer brewing device that uses sensor technology and automation to assist in the brewing process. The product is controlled and monitored using a smartphone app.

The project was brought to life thanks to the 381 people who backed it on Kickstarter. During the 30 day campaign Brewbot was featured in Fast Company, New Scientist, NBC News, the Discovery Channel and more.


Early versions of Brewbot were prototyped in our office using off-the-shelf stainless steel containers, buckets, cable ties, and shelving. We partnered with Mette to assist with the industrial design when we had a proof of concept in place.

I had the opportunity to help design parts of the machine using CAD software; mainly translating the design of the internals from our prototype to something visual. In addition I worked on producing and shipping some of the smaller Kickstarter tier rewards; t-shirts, coasters, and beer paddles.

Photos by Simon Mills and Wired.


In the app we decided to use graphics and animation to help visualise the brewing process, effectively guiding the user through a brew day using the interface.

The app would prompt the user when to add certain ingredients and give them an overview of the system status including temperatures and timings.


A marketing website used for one of the higher Kickstarter tiers. It showcased a tour route around some of Ireland's best pubs and restaurants and the ability for people to purchase tickets to events.