Sports Fusion—

2015–2017 Design, front-end development, and project management.

Sports Fusion develops software solutions for sports companies, with their core products consisting of Soccer Schools, Stadium Tours, and Supporters Club services. The company boasts a prestigious client list including: Liverpool, West Ham United, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur football clubs; Wimbledon; Lord's Cricket Club; and many more.


The Sports Fusion brand was in need of a refresh when I joined but it was important that it retained its distinctive characteristics, mainly so thier clients and potential clients could recognise it.

The Problem

The old logo, as seen below, is dated and doesn't sit well in any of thier up-to-date systems.

Wordmark Refresh

The Sports Fusion wordmark has been recognisable by thier clients for a number of years, so reflecting its original design was important. We had to keep the same orange/grey branding colours, but slightly tweak them so they weren't so contrasting with each other.

Many variations were produced and the brand colours were updated. The final wordmark is set in Proxima Nova Soft with a little extra tracking to improve legibility at various sizes. It was important that the wordmark could scale for various uses; signage at shows, branding for documents, email signatues, business cards, and in the footer of client systems.

Marketing Website Redesign

Sports Fusion needed a more up-to-date website to showcase products and clients.

The Problem

The old version of the website hadn't been updated in some years. The company needed a better way to advertise their services in detail.

The old website.

The Solution

The system was wireframed using pen and paper, designed in Sketch, and built using Concise (SCSS, Gulp), a bloat free framework for front-end development.

The project was interesting, it allowed me to experiment with some tools I hadn't previously used extensivley; tools like Flexbox, keyframe animations, and Gulp (to build production ready versions of the site).

Templating System

The last project I worked on with Sports Fusion was an internal tool for generating bespoke systems for client proposals. It's in early stages, but it's essentially a build system that generates a version of the companies core services, branded for a client.

The system uses Jekyll, Astrum, and SCSS to make it easy for system generation with a few high level code changes. Astrum, a pattern library, is used to keep a living library of all the elements of the Sports Fusion systems to benifit developers and new employees.

The Problem

The way the company currently builds prototypes for client proposals is inefficient. The above system solves this problem by using pre-processing SCSS, includes for global elements, and a pattern library. In theory it allows the team to build prototype in hours rather than days.