Brewing Coffee

June 02, 2014 • 2 mins read

I started drinking coffee at a very young age but It wasn’t until last year that my interest in coffee really started to grow. The level of complexity in such a simple drink became fascinating to me and I wanted to learn a lot more about it.

When picking good coffee I always look for the roast date, the variety, and the farm it comes from. If I can, I’ll also chat the barista to see what else they can tell me about it.

There are five key variables to consider when brewing coffee:

  • Temperature
  • Surface area
  • Time
  • Pressure
  • Ratio

I now take a lot of care in making coffee. I drink it black, I like to taste how the coffee changes during the time it takes to drink it. This is how I make my coffee:



For Aeropress, a good ratio to stick by is 60g of coffee per litre of water. This works out at 15g/250ml, although there’s always room to experiment.


I’m by no means an expert, but this is my current brew method.

Weigh out 15g of beans on the scales and grind them. You can find out more about using the Porlex grinder here. While doing this begin heating the water. Aim for 90ºC.

I favour the inverted Aeropress method. Making your coffee this way will ensure no water drips through into the mug when you’re extracting. I find it results in a more consistent brew. Pour the grounds into the Aeropress, place it on the scales and zero them.

Insert the paper filter in the filter cap and run it under the tap to clean out any fibres and to allow it to expand.

Slowly pour the water into the Aeropress. As soon as the first drop hits the coffee start a timer. Pour slowly until the scales reach 250g (250ml).

Remove from the scales and stir, then apply the filter cap and push down slowly to release the air. You’ll see some liquid come through the holes when all the air is released. This reduces any mess when flipping the Aeropress back over.

When the time reaches 1 min, flip the press over, place on a mug and do a 30 second press.

The whole process takes about 5 minutes. I like to enjoy my coffee while watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia before work.