Being More Productive

September 07, 2014

Ever since breaking out of the routine of working for a company I’ve becoming increasingly bad at managing time.

I feel unaccomplished at the end of most days because I’m not working hard enough. The hours I actually get work done are all over the place. Sometimes I find myself having done nothing until 7pm and then working until 1am. I don’t like it, I miss the routine. Getting up early and feeling like you’ve accomplished something by lunchtime is a great feeling.

I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Jessica Hische’s book and plan my entire week out.

The three main things I’m focusing on at the minute are: teaching myself Objective-C, improving my website, and working on some client projects. Getting a little more exercise in during the week and meeting with friends for lunch would also be nice.

Oh, and breakfast tacos at the weekend is my new thing.


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