The Purpose of this Website

January 12, 2017

This, I believe, is the ninth iteration of my website since I began working on the web back in 2012. Up until now, it has served as a static representation of me and my work, not really changing after each iteration. I think it’s the nature of the Internet today. We share our thoughts and work on platforms with more reach and our personal websites have been somewhat forgotten. The problem is, these platforms change and they die without us being able to influence, but we can always hold onto our little corner of the web.

Today I want this to change, I want to give others and myself a reason to visit this website regularly. With that being said I’ll be posting monthly to my blog section, discussing interesting articles, research papers, and books that I read throughout the month. You can sign up on my homepage to be notified when I post.

I want a little more from this website, I want it to grow and evolve.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.


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